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How NRSP Bahawalpur Region’s Microfinance Program transformed from an NGO to fully regulated Microfinance Bank.

NRSP’s microcredit program offers small agriculture loans to the rural farmers having less than 12 acres of land. The loan was being disbursed to the borrowers and recovered through commercial banks, thus large number of borrowers used to throng on to the commercial banks during recovery and disbursement seasons.

Due to large number of borrowers and proportionately increasing operating cost in processing of each loan, the commercial banks were not able to serve NRSP’s clients properly. Keeping in view problems of borrowers and success of banking business, the NRSP management decided to separate its Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDP) from NRSP and launch its own bank by transforming the MEDP into NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited during 2008 and started working on transformation process.

The hectic and unending transformation process was an uphill task which was successfully completed with the untiring efforts of Dr. Rashid Bajwa, Mr. Zahoor Hussain Khan and their team. Hence the NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited was formed with the majority of existing NRSP employees and resources. The bank was inaugurated by the Governor State Bank Mr. Yasin Anwar and Chairman NRSP Mr. Shoaib Sultan Khan on 12 March 2011. The NRSP Micro finance Bank is now operating under the prudential regulations of State Bank of Pakistan and governed by its own Board of Directors.


Credit Products

Credit products are mostly delivered through Credit Organizations (COs) ....

Deposit Products

Caters for funds that people want to conveniently deposit in their accounts .....

Micro Insurance

NRSP Microfinance Bank Limited offers hospitalization and accidental death Insurance ....

ATM / Debit Card

NRSP Microfinance Bank is pleased to announce ATM card and services for their valuable customers ...

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