NRSP Murabaha

A financial scheme from 4 – 24 months under which our SMS, agricultural and livestock customers can get finance from Rs 5000 with upper limit as per regulations.

Name of the product NRSP Murabaha
Underlying Islamic mode Murabaha
Type of product SME, Agriculture, Livestock and Consumer
Minimum and Maximum financing limit Minimum limit PKR 5,000 Maximum limit as per Prudential Regulations
Tenors (minimum and maximum) Minimum 4 month, Maximum 24 months
Basis of pricing / return Negotiated at the time of contract
Target Customers SME, Agriculture & Livestock
Security/collateral Required Cash Margin, Post-dated cheques, Demand Promissory Note
Other salient features/services The product can be used for agriculture, livestock, SME and consumer products.


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