Kisan Modarba

A savings account with no minimum balance requirement and profit payment at six months

Name of the productKisan Modarba
Underlying Islamic modePLS Deposit on Modarba basis
Acceptable currencyPKR
Type of productSaving
Minimum balance requirement, if anyNo minimum balance
Profit calculationDaily closing balance
Target CustomersPLS Account holders
Periodicity of Profit distributionHalf-yearly profit payment
Service charges leviable, if anyAs per Schedule of Service Charges
Other salient features/servicesNil
Launch date of the product/strong>With the approval of SBP



Deifinition of Mudarabah

“Mudarabah” is a kind of partnership where one partner gives money to another for investing in profitable avenues. The investor (fund supplier) is called “Rabb-ul-Mal” while the person who utilizes this fund (the fund manager) is called “Mudarib” who is exclusively responsible for management of the business.

Legitimacy of Mudarabah

The Muslim jurists have reached Ijma’ among them upon conducting Ijtihadon the permissibility of the Mudarabah contract. It has also been established that the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) such as Umar, Uthman, Ali, Abdullah Ibn Mas`ud, Abdullah Ibn Umar, Ubaydullah Ibn Umar and A`ishah have placed the property of orphans under the Mudarabah contract with no objections from other companions.

The Modern Application of Mudarabah in NRSP

Relationship with depositors:

All investment accountholders of the bank provide moneys to bank as Rabb-ul-Mal to be invested by the bank as Mudarib on the basis of profit and loss sharing on pre agreed specific ratio.