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About NRSP


How it Started

NRSP Microfinance Bank Ltd. is one of the leading microfinance banks in Pakistan. It commenced its operations in March 2011 with a strong social mission to provide financial services to poor and marginalized clients including small and landless farmers. The Bank also offers quality banking services to its valued clients including Government and private institutions. 

NRSP Bank adheres to internationally recognized Corporate Governance and prudent banking practices. This has enabled the Bank to double its equity within 5 years. As part of offering innovative products and services, the Bank is also privileged to be the 1st regulated provider of Islamic microfinance services in Pakistan. 

NRSP bank’s capital has been thoroughly fuelled by prominent organizational holdings so to speak: the international Finance Corporation, Acumen, KFW and simultaneously the National Rural Support Program itself. The bank has managed to spread its longevity across the country by establishing about 155 branches across 53 districts; its services offer a range of financial provisions including Deposits, Micro-Credit and Micro-Insurance to the ‘uninitiated’ portion of the country’s population.

The PACRA and JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company limited has acknowledged the bank’s status by simultaneously upgrading its Long Term entity rating to A and Short Term to A-1.

Our Vision

To become the leading Microfinance Bank in Pakistan.

Our Mission

We believe in harnessing the potential of people through inclusive finance; for poverty reduction and a brighter future.

Our Core Values


We endeavor to make integrity and honesty an integral part of our operations.


We provide the highest level of disclosure and transparency to our stakeholders.


We consistently strive to offer innovative products to meet the demands of our customers.


We take full responsibility of our decisions and actions.

Legal Structure

NRSP Microfinance Bank has merged its infrastructural roots in compliance with the Companies Ordinance of 1984 and since then, the banking system has emerged as a public limited company. This new forum works for the sole benefit of the poor and to provide financial assistance at an exceptional rate. The State Bank of Pakistan granted a certified licence to the NRSP Bank initiative in accordance with the Microfinance Ordinance of 2001; this licence permits the bank to operate as a microfinance banking structure.

Corporate Governance

NRSP Microfinance Bank’s Board of Directors (BOD) comprises of 9 members, including CEO as ex-officio director.

Executives and board committee members’ meetings are held regularly to properly manage and validate the bank’s performance, revise and sustain strategy and to eventually lay the foundations for various mission-focused operations that are processed for execution in the near future. Social aspects are taken into consideration and eco-friendly vicinity is pre-planned for future customers. A diversified set of individuals takes the reigns at the big table; the appropriate threshold of anointing two female members to the governing body is strictly maintained and constituted for maintaining the male-female status equilibrium. This governing body operates at tremendous lengths to help manage the assets of the poor and to assist at various depths of financial technicalities.

NTN Number: 3650861-6