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NRSP Rozgar Ijarah

A current account with no minimum balance requirement operating under the Qarz –e– Hasna basis

Underlying Islamic mode Ijarah
Acceptable currency PKR
Type of product (Corporate, SME, Agriculture, Consumer, Commodity Finance, etc.) SME, Agriculture, Corporate and transporters
Minimum and Maximum financing limit Minimum limit PKR 350,001/- Maximum limit 1,000,000/-
Tenure (minimum and maximum) Minimum 6 months - Maximum 36 months (For Commercial Vehicle 48 months)
Basis of pricing/return As per SOC
Target Customers SME, Agriculture & transporter
Security/collateral Required Cash Security, Post-dated Cheques, Demand Promissory Note
Other salient features/services For the purchase of Tractor, Car, Bolan , Pick up and mini truck etc.
Launch date of the product With the approval of SBP