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Asaan Sarmaya Loan/Gold Loan (ASL)

Loans for individuals who need working capital to finance the below mentioned activities and are able to provide gold or gold ornaments (except Mala) as security to pledge the same with the bank.

Purpose of loan

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Small Business & Enterprise
  • Start up Business
  • Asset Purchase
  • House Renovation/Repair & Maintenance
  • Domestic Needs/Emergency Loans
  • Education
  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Any Other Legal Activity

Aasan Sarmaya_Loan (ASL-Gold loan)

Basic Arrangments

- Penal of 3 sheroff to be established by Branch through agreement

- Gold insurance arrangments will be ensured by head office based on request of respective branch

Target Market

Individuals who need to finance the following activities/purpose & having Gold/Gold ornaments except “Mala” as Collateral


Customer must either be a permanent resident of the locality or residing / working at the same place.

Loan Purpose

Asset Purchase of Agriculture Implements

- Agriculture

- Livestock

- Small Business & Enterprise

- Start up Business

- Asset Purchase

- House Renovation/Repair & Maintenance

- Domestic Needs/Emergency Loans

- Any Other Legal income generating/business Activity

Income Level Annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs. 500,000/- for loan amount upto Rs:150,000/- or as set by SBP from time to time.
Loan Amount

- Minimum Loan Amount: Rs.15000/-

- Maximum Loan Amount: Rs.500,000/-

Loan amount more than Rs:150,000 would be oered for income generating/business activities with proper appraisal made by respective loan ocer however, loan process ow will remain same under Gold loan Product.

Loan Duration

Loan Duration: 12 Months.

Age of Borrower

Minimum age: 18 Years Maximum age: 60 Years

Eligibility Not defaulter of NRSP BANK & other institutions
Loan Processing Fee 1,000 or 2% of loan amount (whichever is higher)
Mark Up Rate 24% Decline
Repayment Frequency Lump sum/bullet
Loan Processing Time (TAT)

Minimum 1 day & Maximum Two Days after completion of Loan Documentation

Early Closure

Allowed and Markup will be charged on loan utilized period only.

Late Payment Penalty


Potential resource Market Gold Smith ,existing Market,Competitor Market,National Bank & Gold Smith linked with National Bank
CIB and NADRA Check

The Bank does NADRA check and ECIB check on all customers and Applicant must hold valid CNIC and should not be defaulter of any bank/Financial Institutions.




Loan application form duly filled and signed

- Customer’s CNIC Copy

- One Recent Photograph of Customer

- Authorization form

- Bank Account in NRSP Branch

- ShroffValuation Certificate

- Letter of Pledger and Gold Insurance (Adhasive Tickets with value of Rs:100)

- Demand Promissory Note (Revenue Tickets with the value of Rs:50)

- Gold/Gold Ornaments

Loan to Gold Value Minimum loan to gold value will be 30%. (e.g. If gold value is PKR 100,000, then loan amount should not be less than PKR 30,000). Maximum loan to gold value will be 70%.
Quality of Gold Ornaments Quality of gold/gold ornaments will be evaluated and verified by branch panel shroff and Valuation of gold ornaments must be based on the true weight of the pure gold 99% fitness excluding the weight of all other material such as stings,stones, lace, alloy, fastenings and value of gold at the prevailing market price.
Gold Valuation Charges

Rs:300/- upto loan amount Rs:50,000/-

Rs:500/- in case of Loan amount more than Rs:50,000/-

Collateral management Pledged Gold/Gold ornaments along with Shroff Certificate & Insurance letter will be maintained in fire proof Safe by BOM
Free-Insurance facilities

Gold insurance

Medical insurance of Customer & spouse upto Rs:20,000/- Credit Life insurance ( in case of client death outstanding loan amount will be waive off)