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Kissan Zarri Taraqiati Loan (KZTL)

Loan for individuals who require working capital/funds to finance the below mentioned activities and are able to provide land, vehicle or gold ornaments as security to the bank.

Purpose of loan

Agricultural Development:

Solar Power Plant for Tube well/Turbine, Tractor, Trolley, Laser Level, Rotavator or purchasing of any other agricultural equipment.

Agriculture Production:

Working Capital for purchase of Crop Inputs i.e. seeds, fertilizers etc.


Kissan Zarai Taraqyati Loan (KZTL)

Target Market Individual who need finance for following activities.
Loan Purpose

Asset Purchase of Agriculture Implements:

  • Tractor                                Irrigation tube well/turbine
  • Reaper                                Cultivator
  • Lining of water channel     Chisel plough
  • Ridger                                 Disc Plough Drill machine .Planker
  • Thresher                              Rotavator
  • Laser level                          Trolley
  • Harrow                                Lining of water channel
  • Drill machine                      Peter Engine

Solar power porject installation for irrigation/water /lighting arrangments for following business:

  • Agriculture                                           Poultry forming
  • Livestok froming Fishries forming      Other MSME Business
  • Working Capital Loan for Purchase of Crop Inputs (Up to PKR 150,000)
Business Experience

Three Years

Income Level Annual income (net of business expenses) of PKR 1,200,000/ or less. (i.e. PKR 100,000/ per month as per Prudential Regulations for MF Banks.
Loan Amount

Minimum Loan Amount Rs, 30,000/-

Maximum Loan Amount: Rs 500,000/-

Loan Duration Minimum Loan Duration: 3 Months Maximum 36.
Mark Up Rate As per applicable Schedule of Charges
Repayment Frequency

Monthly                  (Having montly income)

Sami-annul             (Having sami-annual incorme from crop etc)

Lump-sum/Bullet   (Having bullet income from crop etc

Loan Processing Time (TAT) 7 days from completion of required documents.
Types of Collateral/Security

Lien on Agri Pass Book

Hypothecation on Vehicle

Gold/Gold Ornaments

Urban Rural Registered Property

Guarantee Letter

Post Dated Cheques                       (Common Document)

Demand Promissory Note              (Common Document)

Early Closure Allowed and Markup will be charged on loan utilized period only.
Late Payment Penalty Zero
CIB and NADRA Check The Bank does NADRA check and ECIB check on all customers.
Loan Processing fee As per applicable Schedule of Charges.
Insurance Credit Life Insurance