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Women Section

NRSP Microfinance Bank is committed to provide equal opportunities and access of financial services to men and women without any gender discrimination.
Despite the fact that half of Pakistan's population comprises of women and a key part of society for decades, women do not have equal opportunities and inadequate provision of financial services, which makes them unable to play their economic role.
NRSP Microfinance Bank strives to give women access to financial services so that they do not lose the right to protect their property and money.
We believe that empowering women financially is vital to our national future.

NRSP Digital Account:
You can open your digital account from the comfort of your home. The digital onboarding process will provide you the convenience to submit a request for account opening by providing some basic information. You can digitally provide personal details and scan copies of documents for banking operations.

Women Empowerment Group Loan (WEGL):
The objective of introduction of women empowerment group loan is to provide financial facilities to working women for income generating activities at their doorstep. By availing the financial facilities, the women shall be able to increase their household income, amongst other thing.

Women Empowerment Individual Lending (WEIL):
The purpose of Women Empowerment Individual Lending is Branchless Banking Agent services for financial transactions up to Rs. 15,000/- with Zero% markup for any smart phone holder female who wants to become Branchless Banking Agent.

Mobile Banking:

Our Banking application provides secure and convenient services to access your accounts. New customers can easily signup for mobile banking services using simple and easy steps.

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Online Banking:

Online/Internet banking gives you the facility to manage your money online with your mobile device or computer. There’s no need to visit a bank’s branch. Real-time account balance and information is available at the touch of a few buttons.

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