NRSP Ziada Munafa Term Deposit

This account caters  to customers who want to  keep funds locked  away for a fixed term; ranging from 1 month to 3 years. NRSP MFBL is a Bank for the Poor, but targets the medium size segment as well for deposit generation. Thus this is a standardized profitable scheme & offers one Rate Sheet for all deposits (with rates varying for different tenors).Additionally, lending against Term Deposits will also be allowed against a certain minimum deposit volume.


Account Type Time bound, Profit Bearing Fixed Term Deposit
Eligibility All Pakistani Nationals with Valid CNIC. Positive KYC/AML checks and account holders of NRSP MFBL
Minimum Requirement Rs. 1000/- and thereafter multiples of Rs. 1000/-
Maximum Limit No Limit
Rollover of Term Deposit Rollovers allowed at maturity, as per client’s request
Premature withdrawals Profit will be paid at 6% for completed number of days (profit will not be applicable in case of encashment within 30 days of booking)
TDR Normal Rates Click Here for Profit Rates