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Training Center

Generally, the dynamics of a learning environment involve a wide range of training and capacity development styles, instructional methods and techniques for different kinds of learners, motivation of both the learners and trainers, and the personal, intellectual, and job-related needs of learners. Above all, it is quite essential to have a pleasant and appropriate environment that is most conducive for learning activities.

Training & Development Centre of NRSP Microfinance Bank possesses all the required dynamics, as stated above, and can proudly standout among many such Learning & Development facilities within Pakistan offered by leading Banking & non-Banking organizations.

The environment that is most conducive for Learning & Development activities is extremely captivating. The Centre is equipped with modern and updated training facilities that include training halls with a capacity to accommodate over 100 trainees and computer labs for hands-on IT training with 20 computers.

Training programs for bank staff are conducted on specific needs of the line management. Modules for such trainings are developed by highly experienced and qualified faculty with the consultation and under the guidance of our line management. The faculty from our Training & development Centre and experienced bankers from field conduct training. Ex-house renowned trainers are also invited to conduct specialized training programs for value addition.

Some of the training programs recently conducted at the Training & Development Centre are:

  •      Banking Training for Auditors
  •      Operational Banking Skills
  •      Basic Branch Banking
  •      Branch Banking for Head Office Staff
  •      Managers’ Skill Development
  •      Microfinance Training for Field Staff
  •      Communication Skills
  •      IT Skills Development
  •      Branch Management
  •      Staff Development Training