Dear Customers, NRSP Bank Never obtains ATM card numbers, PIN or any other details on emails, websites or phone calls. Please avoid sharing details via these modes.

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NRSP MFBL Internet Banking is a real-time online banking service, offering a simple, convenient and secure method of accessing your NRSP MFBL accounts via Internet. Through this doorstep self-service banking facility you can conduct your financial transactions at your own time, location and convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Using NRSP MFBL Internet Banking you can perform:

  • Account balance inquiry
  • Account statement
  • Transferring funds between your NRSP MFBL accounts
  • Transferring funds from your NRSP MFBL account to other NRSP MFBL account holders
  • Transferring funds to 1-LINK & MNET member banks
  • Pay Utility bills
  • Pay Credit card bills
  • Purchasing mobile phone airtime
  • Internet Service Provider Bill Payments
  • Donations to selected charitable organizations
  • Request for Cheque Book,
  • Subscribe for SMS alert
  • Mark Cheque Stop for Payment
  • Mark Debit Card as Hot/ Warm and Cold
  • Set Recurring Payments and Payment Reminders
  • Payments for online shopping and much more…