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Buy 2 Zingers in PKR 349

“Don’t miss out on this deal!”

”UnionPay Mobile Payments campaign at KFC Pakistan (nationwide), with UnionPay International QR code Buy 2 Zingers in PKR 349/-.

The campaign will be valid till 30th April, 2021 on daily basis.


*Terms & Conditions Apply

Campaign Details (T&Cs):

  • For UnionPay QR code customers only
  • Available at nationwide outlets
  • Discount can be availed on daily basis
  • Only on dine in and take away (where applicable)
  • Max of 2 trxns are allowed per day per mobile app
  • Deal will be available during the business operational hours of KFC
  • Limited time offer and the offer may be withdrawn anytime by KFC & UPI if it reached to the maximum limit