Agricultural loan

Loans offered to small cultivators through Community Organizations. These loans amount up to PKR 80,000 on group guarantees. They are dependent upon harvest seasons.

Purpose of loan

Agricultural loans may be taken for the following purposes but are not limited to these:

  • Payment for land lease
  • Land leveling
  • Land preparation for cultivation
  • Purchase of diesel fuel
  • Procurement of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides or tube well water
  • Installation of tube wells and turbines
  • Any other activity related to agriculture production
Loan eligibility Age 18-60, should have a CNIC, land holding less than 15 acre.
Loan duration As per crop pattern
Repayment option Lump sum on crop harvest
Collateral Group guarantee
Disbursement To individual
Interest rate 28% annually of declining trend
Fee and charges Loan processing fee