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House Financing Loan (Mera Makan)

Loan for individuals who wants to construct a new house, want to have extra construction on their existing house or want to renovate their house can apply for House Loan.

Purpose of loan

  • New Construction
  • Extension
  • Renovation

Product Features


House Financing Loan (Mera Makan)

Target Market


Age Eligibility                                         

Salaried Individuals, Government Employees and Pensioners


Up to 60 years of age for Salaried Person

Up to 70 years of age for Pensioners

Income Level

Net of business income should be less then PKR 1,500,000 annualy

Loan Amount

Minimum Loan Amount Rs, 2 million/-

Loan Duration

Upto 60 Months

Mark Up Rate

Lowest Markup rate

Repayment Frequency

Monthly                  (Having monthly income)

Loan Processing Time (TAT)

7 days from completion of required documents.

Types of Collateral/Security

Third Party Guarantee

Early Closure

Allowed and Markup will be charged on loan utilized period only.

Late Payment Penalty


CIB and NADRA Check

The Bank does NADRA check and ECIB check on all customers.